A. Margaritis company operates in the field of auto parts since 1977, erasing a highly successful growth.

Currently ranked among the top companies in Greece in automotive parts, specializing in VW Group with continuous upward trend and thousands of consumers to enjoy high quality of service and reliability 38 years.

The company A. Margaritis started as a family business and continues today with faith in tradition, timeless building relationships with customers and partners of the company ensure that the increasingly responding to market needs and the individual needs of consumers.



Company A. Margaritis & CO OE is direct importer from largest german extporters such us : HANS - PRIES, SWAG, MEYLE. Also, the company is a direct importer with German parts factories first placement as HELLA-PAGID - FTE, the VDO, the MAHLE, the BREMI, the HEPU-IPD as well as the FILTRON from Poland and NISSENS from Denmark, BEHR HELLA, PIERBURG - KS, HELLA. Moreover, the dynamics of the company has given the advantage to it, can offer very competitive prices in regards to ZF - GROUP (SACHS & LEMFOERDER) specialized in spare VW GROUP.

  Company A. Margaritis as direct importer was asked to take an important role in the Greek market, creating the most profitable conditions for future collaborations with everyone looking for the most competitive prices.

Today, Margaritis A. Company is able to offer the best combination of quality and price in the auto parts VW GROUP, while at the same time gives the clients the opportunity to save high and significant benefits due to more competitive pricing offered by Company A . Margaritis.

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